The Stopterrorproject was launched as a collaboration between civil activists from the Donbas and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  


It was established as a vehicle through which to respond in a united fashion to the chaos and outrage brought to our territory by the Russian Federation, which invaded towns and villages in the east of our country illegally.


Since June 2014, Stopterror has assisted citizens ready to help forces fighting against the Russian Federation’s regular and irregular armed forces directly participating in hostilities.


The project was developed as an open online platform to visualise events unfolding in eastern Ukraine. All information and evidence received from interested persons is collected, processed and visualised on an online map. This map facilitates a more effective employment of military forces, assists the military in identifying deployment areas, their fire positions, defence fortifications, availability and quantity of equipment and personnel of the Russian Federation’s forces, presence of the Russian Federation’s career military personnel, manifestations of separatism, and alleged terrorist attacks.


The Stopterror team receives information through any and all available channels of communication. This ensures expeditious processing and transmitting of all information.


Stopterror is a public project; we provide an opportunity for the population to report crimes and human rights violations.

We are a link between civilians and government agencies aimed at contributing to the implementation of steps towards fighting and preventing illegal terrorist, separatist and other criminal activities in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.


Anyone who has witnessed illegal actions by terrorists, separatists or criminals can notify Stopterror. All information is verified and shared with security, defence and law enforcement agencies for them to respond. Communications containing status updates are also processed but such data is not displayed on the map.


We receive information most frequently on: “traitors and saboteurs”, “movement: appliances”, “firing point” and “terrorist base”.

Where available, we obtain photo and/or video evidence to corroborate the information.


Our work also includes the monitoring and analysing of information that may or does discredit Ukrainian military and senior state government officials.


Our activities also include:

- Identifying information that is misrepresented intentionally or falsified to manipulate public opinion;

- Tracking such information or outright misinformation to identify its source and taking action to prevent the circulation or publication of reliable data to prevent manipulation of the information by the enemy.


Since the Project’s launch, we have conducted several investigations to find evidence showing the presence of the "Russian aggressor"; this includes mercenaries, career military personnel, and military equipment of the RF.


We conduct our own research into the military and political situation in the ATO area. We trace and systematise information on regular and irregular forces of the RF.


 Within a year of Stopterror’s existence, over 40 thousand communications have been received handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Security Service (SBU), the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and other security and law enforcement agencies.


Every day, we receive hundreds of communications that require prompt processing and response.


Our close cooperation with security, defence and law enforcement agencies produces results for which the Armed Forces and the National Guard units have and continue to express their appreciation.


Stopterror believes that it is only where there is a full-scale interaction between the society and law enforcement agencies, that it would be possible to fight any criminal and terrorist activity.